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Godfrey & Elsa Reimers Obituaries

Johann (Godfrey) and Elsa Reimers Story by Irene Reimers
Johann Christian Gottfried Reimers grew up in Mölln, Lauenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. His parents were Johann Behrend Reimers and Anna Margaretha Prüssmann. He worked for the railroad at a time. He was sold to Great Britain (as part of a draft) to fight the colonists of Europe. He lost fingers on his right hand when an English, muzzle-loading cannon fired accidentaly. This was during warring between Great Britain, Germany, and Denmark. He deserted from the army shortly afterwards. He made his way to Denmark, thinking he would eventually go to America.
He met Elsa Kirstine Wilhelmsen or Mrs. Mads Gust Rasmusen (a widow from the war) in Denmark. There they were married and had two sons.
Godfrey and his family emigrated to the USA in 1880 or 1881 with the Anton Petersons and the two Jensen brothers. Because of a shortage of money, they got only as far as Ogden, Boone County, Iowa. There they worked as sharecroppers.
The Reimers' family lived on rented farms in Iowa before deciding to move to North Dakota. In 1902 Godfrey and Adolph Reimers' families and Anton Peterson's family moved to Washburn, McLean County, North Dakota. Willam's family stayed in Chicago then later moved to Washburn but, decided to move on to Montana.
After the many years of hardship and hard work, Elsa died from arthritic infirmities on October 1909. She was born April 1841. She was buried in God's Acre, 1st Country Cemetery in Section 31 of Township 145N, Range 83 of McLean County. The last time I saw this cemetery it didn't have any headstones. See change.
After Elsa's death, Godfrey filed for his homestead along the Missouri River. He sometime walked there eight miles to and from his former home twice a week, after breaking sod all day.
Eventually the time came when Godfrey went to live with Adolph's family and remained there until 1926, when he died in his sleep.
Johann Christian Gottfried REIMERS5 (Johann Behrend 6 ) was born September 10, 1834 in Molln, Lauenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; and died August 12, 1926 in Washburn, McLean County, North Dakota. He married lsa Kirstine WILHELMSEN5 October 13, 1866 in Denmark.

Children of Johann REIMERS and Elsa WILHELMSEN:
i. Hans Johan Wilhelm REIMERS born June 04, 1867 in Denmark and died April 22, 1964 in Montana.
ii. Adolph REIMERS4 (Johann Chirstian Gottfried5, Johan Behrend6 ) born September 16, 1869 in Vejle, Denmark and died December 21, 1951 in Bismarck, North Dakota, Burleigh County. Buried at Birka Cemetery, Washburn, McLean County, North Dakota. He married Andrea Marie JENSEN February 25, 1896 Boone County, Iowa. She was born February 25, 1872 in Vendssysel, Denmark and died October 14, 1911 Bismarck, Burleigh County, North Dakota. Buried at Birka Cemetery, Washburn, McLean County, North Dakota. After Annie's death he married Minnie CLAUSEN February 1914. Minnie was born July 23, 1878 and died April 19, 1937 in Washburn, McLean County, North Dakota.

1. Vital Records from Mölln, Launenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.
2. Irene Larson Reimers, 1954.
New brown granite markers were ordered July 2000, for "God's Acre" Cemetery
These are just rough representations from the drawings I was sent by Arlene Reimers Doepke. I am not an artist, and I haven't seen the actual markers! But, Arlene's graph paper drawing was a big help for giving me some idea of their appearance--I think? However, my choice for brown color may not even be close!!
A larger marker was made for Elsa and Godfrey Reimers, a smaller one for Anna Reimers who is also buried at "God's Acre."  We are pleased that there is an interest in protecting and recognizing the graves of the early settlers buried there.
There are two Louis & Hattie Larson babies, Rose b 5-1903, d 10-1903,and Clarence b 5-1904 & d 6-1904,  with graves at "God's Acre." All other Larson and Ecklund graves have been moved to Birka Cemetery.
Johan Christian Gottfried Ernest REIMERS (known as Godfrey)
Elsa Kirstine WILHELMSEN (known as Else or Elsie)
 (a floral design on each side)Reimers (a floral design on each side)

SEPT. 10, 1834
(a heart here centered under name Reimers, with word "married" in it.)
APR. 1841
OCT. 1909