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This photo with its creative changes by Jude Hinds

Oh Arizona! The days pass much like the days anywhere.
Same cares, same woes, same joys, it's just a pretty place in which to live.
But, there comes an hour in each day just before it is time to rest.
People settle down, birds seek their roosts, all creatures pause
seeming to wait the coming event.
The sun drops down behind the horizon and the sky lights up.
A pink and yellow blush washes brightly from the west fading to pale golds in the east.
Then the earth starts to fade to darkness with just reflections of gold touching the edges of all things.
The sky gathers its colors in intensity until the eyes are overwhelmed and the mind is consumed.
Gradually and gently the fingers of color withdraw until there is just a touch of gold on the clouds.
All color follows the sun around the earth
and blackness wraps itself around until I am suspended within its folds.
I stare upwards into the blazing blanket of stars,
reaching my hand to touch the unreachable,
feeling the universe brush my finger tips.
Oh Arizona!

Jude Hinds

This poem and its author's ability to teach herself many things, about web site creating and publishing, probably did more to inspire the creation of my web site than any other person or thing. Jude's words also express much of what I feel about this state and the beautiful area called "Red Rock Country."
Thank you, Jude.
Donna Bloomquist