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Rather than clutter up my home page too much, I decided to have a page of "catch-all" information and chatter. Hey, maybe no one wants to read this now.  But, at least this gives you more of a choice! Since many families don't want living individuals even mentioned on the Internet, it is possible my subjects may become much more generic!

To view "Private Family Stuff," contact me for URL.  I have gotten way behind at scanning in photos. Sorry.

Bruce II has done some excellent work on his two web sites. Still, more to do though. He recently wrote one of the chapters in my novel on climbing. His photos and story of their wedding, and honeymoon in Maui make most interesting viewing. Here are his web sites: Another Amazing Arizona Adventure and (real estate site).  Sorry, the domain name isn't working correctly.

The birth of our granddaughter, Alana Vivian, on September 12th 2000 has been keeping the postal services busy with packages of photos coming this way and garments going her way. Neat, having a little girl to shop for--finally. Our grandson, Nate, 7th grade, has started  basketball season .  Nate is growing up--much too quickly.  He plays chess, swims, and becomes more computer literate by the day.  He is in his third year of band, playing clarinet. Alana likes dancing and singing.  They visited us for Christmas.  She was particularly interested in Bruce II's concertina and piano playing accompaniment for her singing.  Facing her audience, she made no mistakes with words in "Alphabet song and other tunes.

       Since my husband, Bruce, is a lefty, I have added a link for all who share that special gift or                     
affliction!  It is all in the approach and attitude! That sounds like aviation terms? For Southpaws Only

I have more or less completed the writing of my novel, and beginning a second in the series.  See my new web site for info on content and eventual purchase sources for my book--pretty bland design yet but the domain name works!  The first book is titled Blood in the Red Rocks .  The second book will be Blood in Oak Creek Canyon.  I plan to have its prologue begin with a setting in Sweden!!  Research--research!!  My nursing classmate, Barbara Brady, who has three published novels to her credit, inspired me to get back to work at writing.  Since Bruce and I are both fans of murder mysteries, having read perhaps 150 in the past year alone, my choice of subject is murder and intrigue in the red rock country.  There were more than eight murders in the story, last I counted! Perhaps that is too much blood and gore for family reading! Nate and Alana won't be permitted near my books until they're twenty-one.  But, I am attempting to share Sedona history, weather disasters, and education regarding DARE, too.  I am presently preparing query letters for literary agents.  But, I may publish with, a POD publisher.

Yes, the drug scene can be found anywhere, and along with it comes all types of crime and violence. I have a ten (now eleven)-year-old boy in the story who loves spy gismos and vegetarian food.  He may be strange but most loveable, I think.  But then, I have a special affinity for ten and eleven-year-old boys.

Keep an eye on the menu bars on my home page.  

I'm thinking about adding a book review page, more food and recipes' information page, and maybe something relating to my alternative or complimentary medicine health choices.  Just thinking about it though!!

Bioterrorism is something that has gotten much of our attention since September 11th and its aftermath.  Don't be surprised to find me discussing anthrax, public health, and the hazards of opening one's mail.

Those who know me well have discovered from my many tirades and lectures that I have strong feelings on the subject of health issues and avoiding antibiotics. Although I am a retired RN, my usual choices these days are not in the direction of traditional medicine. However, if I ended up in an emergency room with injuries from a car accident or?, I would certainly chose a surgeon or expert in trauma medicine.

I believe, from much personal experience, that chronic diseases and the variety of symptoms and physical complaints that overlap, have not been well-addressed for prevention and treatment of the body as a whole. It's more like specialties looking at a body with mere parts, with complaints from those"parts" observed as separate from the other organs and systems. A big oversight! When I was in nurses' training, public health was underfunded, and it continues to be neglected in most areas of the USA.  Many of my health problems today originated from poor sanitation, unsafe water supplies, etc.  I wonder how the really poor countries of this world can ever regain or attain good health no matter how many billions are spent in rebuilding and re-educating their populaces.  

I believe our diseases and most troublesome symptoms result from an inheritance of weak links, worsened by poor choices in habits of diet, environment, and activities. When we abuse and weaken our immune systems from those poor choices and bad luck, we are set up for serious trouble. And yes, most people take good health for granted much too long. "Prevention" is usually not part of the vocabulary of the young and healthy. Most of my complaints of environmental illness (chemical sensitivities) and/or allergies didn't appear until I was over fifty! Hepatitis C and parasitic diseases have taken a major toll on my health.  Like an amputated limb or ravages from a land mine explosion, most times the damage cannot be repaired or limb grown back.  Our health is something to be cherished, more valuable than the most precious gems. If only I knew years ago what I know now about the real treasures in life.

Some people choose not to share their personal stories on the Internet; however, I urge them to write them anyway, and put them away for safekeeping. Someday, their descendants will thank them. Medical history is often overlooked in those memoirs. Please don't under-estimate their importance.

Any Edward Abbey readers out there? CHECK OUT ALL MY LINKS from specific pages. Note the Lycos tool near the bottom of my home page.  Anyone looking for new help with the Internet and web site creating, check out DELLHOST   We have three Dell computers in this house, (with nary a complaint but we are down from five), we may give their hosting offers a try.  So far we have been pleased with Tripod as a free host for my web sites.  They give away 50 MB of space for anyone to share photos, platitudes, how to solutions, recipes, and more.  I am now using CuteSiteBuilder who has given all of us a new and improved version of Trellix, which is powerful but still easy to use.  I can republish several times a day if I feel so inclined.  But now I can publish anywhere with HTML files by way of FTP, and it's still more or less 1 step publishing to Tripod.  Almost a no-brainer.