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(all photos and descriptions on this page by Bruce Bloomquist)
Late Feb. 2000 Palatki Area Looking Northeast

Palatki Agave Cooking Pit Mound

Palatki Main Cliff Dwelling

Palatki Cliff House

Far View Palatki Just Over Low Trees, Right Center

Pictographs, Petroglyphs, Palatki

More Palatki Pictographs
this magnificent "wheel" or "shield" may be a Sinauga clan sign, though the black "decorations" may have been added later by the Yavapai--according to information at the Palatki web site-- About Palatki

Another Section Palatki Cliff Dwelling
East Side Palatki Cliff Dwelling

In the novel I am presently writing, there are several major references to this place of
mystery and beauty.  See Red Rock Chapbook