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Nate was only one and a half here, but trying out his dad's big boots! Already Nate had big plans.

Nate, two years and three months! This was one of those reluctant wearings of the hat, when it was brand new!

"Just one picture."

Cooler without that hat! Thanks, Mom.

Nate's dad testing his driving skills!

Our Young Cowboy Nate

In 1995, when our grandson, Nate, was 3 1/2 years old, he visited Sedona with his parents. Wearing a cowboy hat, boots, and the confidence of a boy much older, he visited many of the Sedona attractions, enjoying the attention most people give little boys dressed up like cowboys. He made the claim then that he was going to be a cowboy when he grew up.  
We purchased the cowboy hat for him on a prior visit when he was 2 years old.  I recall the salesperson not being convinced that we should be buying an expensive hat for such a young boy. The hat was too large at the time and Nate refused to wear it, even though his grandfather made leather ties for it and reassured him that the hat wouldn't blow off. A year later, when the hat fit better and Nate had gained more confidence, he enjoyed the cowboy look, black hat and all.

Nate thought he was a suave and debonaire cowboy, but apparently still needed his afternoon nap when he took his first helicopter ride. It was a beautiful day, but that helicopter vibration will make even a grown man or grandmother sleepy!

One afternoon, we visited the El Rojo Grande Ranch and took a stagecoach ride, which thrilled Nate no end, especially when it broke down and we all had to get out while the coach underwent repairs. It was a hot and dusty day, but Nate strolled about kicking dirt, thoroughly enjoying the adventure. Although he felt fairly safe and confident with his parents in view, he kept an exaggerated safe distance from the mules--most of the time.
This was sort of how the waiting went!
Visiting the stable and horses in a paddock later, he again kept his distance from the animals and was jumpy when any of them even switched a tail.

Today, Nate has opportunities to ride as he has occasional access to ponies and his other grandparents' horses in Virginia. However, in 2000, he seems more interested in karate, video games, and playing chess than horses. Perhaps, on his next visit to Sedona, he will try riding true Western style and reaffirm his interest in becoming a cowboy?
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Nate, two years old.Yes, it was a "spring" horse, but Nate still considered himself a cowboy!

"I seen it already."

What a dude! A dedicated Tinkertoy builder!

What a ride! What a view!

Back to the ranch, then home to Grandma's and Grandpa's for a late nap and check on Teddy!