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Nate's first days, on this page
(plus Alana's debut)

Nate's Sedona visit

Cowboy Nate

Bigger Pictures

Early Favorites of Nate

Nate Star Wars Kid

Nate's Meister Family

Nate Karate


Alana's very first days

Nate's first visit to see Alana

Alana at Home

Chips off gene block

Alana in Nov. 2000

Dec 2000 Virginia

March 2001

Nate's School Photos 2001  (3rd & 4th grades)

Alana  in June & July 2001

Nate & Alana July 5, 2001 (professional photos)

Alana Birthday Number One 9-12-2001


Alana in November 2001

Nate 10 Years old

More Alana December 2001

December 2001

Christmas Day 2001

Playing around

Grandma's Birthday Card

Alana September 2002
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 Alana Vivian, arrived 6:52 am EDT., Tuesday, 12 September, 2000, weighing 7 lbs. 15 oz, 22 inches long. She and her family attended Sherrian and Bruce's wedding in the Sedona area 20 May, 2001. It was our first and only visit with her--so far.  She is a walker and runner, interested in everything. She has six teeth, the last we heard.

Brian reported the following in an e-mail.  "Alana had a doctor's appointment on Monday 7 January to be examined and get more of her shots.  Laura said she was a handful . . . wanted to get into everything in the waiting room and then during the doctor's exam . . . was very uncooperative and very vocal, a regular wrestling match.  She weighed in at 24 pounds (50-55 percentile) and measured 33 inches tall (95 percentile).  Laura said she was wrestling and screaming . . . until she and Laura were about to leave and then suddenly stopped, looked at the doctor and said "byeeeeee" as she waved to him (totally unprompted).  She is quite the little character. " Maybe she'll be a basketball player or wrestler!  Maybe Dennis Rodman would coach her?
She loves getting into Nate's things. She is a fascinating little lady to know. We love the photos and video's received from Virginia.  We even understand a few things she says when we are lucky enough to attempt a phone conversation with her.  She loves to see herself in a mirror or camcorder screen and says "baby."  She also loves their calico cat that she refers to as "callie cat."
Nate reports a big interest in soccer, math, social studies, and games these days.  He also goes swimming with his dad many Sundays. Dad helped with the soccer coaching this past season. Nate watches "Jeopardy" as often as we do--almost every week night, at least before 11 September 2001. A copy of his most recent report card indicates the program's questions and answers might be more than a little appealing to him.


Alana Vivian on September 13, 2000, after bath and first
visit with her brother, I think. Anyway, she was all tired out!


First picture of Nathaniel (Nate)
(No, not the bear! The picture of Nate is below.)
Dec 15, 1991 Nate was maybe 1 1/2 hours old.

Perhaps this was the first Nate picture, with Dad Brian?

I just had to share these pictures of Nate at the piano, a little later!! Perhaps taken summer or spring of 1992?

A beautiful moment with Laura and son, Nate
This photo has a prominent spot on refrigerators in Virginia and Sedona!!
Taken in Pittsburgh summer of 1994? We were visiting and looking for a second home there.
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