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Bigger Pictures of Nate
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1992 Nate 1 year old wearing his dad's boots in their new Pittsburgh home

Pittsburgh Nate enjoying his spring horse

Sedona 1995 So--I'm wearing the hat--but just for one picture!!

Nate dressed for building with Tinker Toys

June 1995 Nap time over Sedona. That vibration will put anyone to sleep!

Isn't that a beautiful coach?

Everyone waiting around for the stage coach to get serviced

A photo opportunity of the stage coach and mules

Brian Bloomquist (in white hat) with stage coach driver

El Rojo Grande Ranch, near Sedona  Phone 800-362-3929

Sedona June 5, 1995 Brian, Laura, Nate, and Ted (center stage), while he still had some fur

Brian & Laura Bloomquist (Nate's Mom & Dad) visiting Tlaquepaque, Sedona, in June 1995

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