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Visitors from Greece
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Yes, we live in a small world!! Some time ago, Bruce and I made friends with a fellow Trellix user, by way of a Trellix conference.  Soon, Lieve and I were busy and dedicated penpals, sharing life histories and common interests. But, since I have been unable to spend much time at the computer recently, Bruce became an able and enthusiastic penpal substitute. Lieve (who had been living in Greece with her sons, now in Belgium) has been a friend to both Bruce and me, introducing us to a friendship that grows around the world and across oceans without us ever meeting in person,  although my corresponding in the past two years has been skimpy at best.

When Lieve's friends visited Sedona, we learned more about Greece and other new friends that became important in an instant. Lieve had sent a letter and gift to me by way of her Greek friend,Theo, who came to visit Arizona and other parts of the United States. When Bruce shared breakfast with them one morning, there was a quick bonding with Theo and Eleni at the Coffee Pot Restaurant in Sedona. I was there with them in spirit. Here are four pictures that were taken with our Kodak Digital DC290 zoom camera. How quickly we can share special moments with family and friends anywhere in the world.

Bruce & Thodoros
Bruce and Eleni
Eleni and Thodoros
Eleni and Thodoros
Meanwhile, Lieve joins all of us in spirit.  However, below is a photo near
 the sea in Northern Greece where she enjoyed a brief holiday before
 moving back to Belgium.    


Giorgos, Lieve, & Andreas in Belgium July 1999