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Eating Raw Foods
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First of all, raw food requires careful and thorough washing.  We soak all produce in a diluted FOOD GRADE of hydrogen peroxide.  We buy 35%, which is then diluted 1 oz to 11 ozs distilled water to make 3 percent; which is then further diluted 1-3 to attain a 1 percent solution for soaking.  Root vegetables are soaked about ten minutes in the 1 percent solution then soaked a couple of times and rinsed with safe water.  When I say safe, I do not mean regular tap water.  We have a water conditioning system in our home but we use reverse osmosis water or ionized water for internal use and food preparation.  Delicate vegetables and fruits are either soaked briefly 2-5 minutes or sprayed with a 3 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide, then rinsed repeatedly.  Yes, it takes time and effort, but parasites of all forms including their tiny eggs are in the soil and on the produce--especially with organic gardening.  Can't win, you say? But don't forget the organisms the workers in the fields as well as in the stores carry on their unclean hands.  It is a dirty unsafe world out there.

Fresh raw fruit, preferably in the morning and between meals
I am a great believer in fresh fruit to begin the day.  Skip the breads and cereals for the time being.  Refer to Food Combining  Information to guide you in making food choices.  I usually start my day with freshly-made green apple juice with aloe juice.  Granny Smith apples are a good choice for flavor and quality.  The malic acid that the green apple contains is an excellent nutrient for keeping blood vessels, kidneys, and bile ducts in good-working order.

A freshly-made combination of fresh fruit is great for getting the system going and correcting the body pH.  Most of us eat too much meat, refined sugar, and dairy products, which makes our body sluggish and wanting for pH correction.

Nuts, and seeds are good, raw--not roasted or cooked in oil--preferably.

Grains--organically produced.  We get enough cancer-producing toxins from the air and water.  All those herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides will get you!
I am a big fan of Irish oatmeal and surely you have all heard about the benefits of oatmeal?  Always select certified organically produced foods.  However, I do not eat my oatmeal with sugar or milk.  I prefer it cold and plain on an empty stomach.  I believe a good quality granola is a good snack for mid morning or mid afternoon, although most of the ingredients will not be raw.

Raw vegetables
Raw vegetables as freshly made juices are usually a good choice, especially carrot; perhaps a combination of carrot, green apple, and kale.  For those unfamiliar with juicing with vegetables, caution in quantity is recommended.  Some vegetables can have a strong laxative reaction.  1/4 of a raw beet can be more than a beginner can tolerate.  Sprouts added to salads or juices add nutrition that one doesn't get from prepared vegetables or vitamin pills.

Eating for good health takes effort but the rewards are worth it once you get past the toxic curve.  The sicker one is--the more dramatic can be the transition from sick to healthy.  I often hear people complain that a colonic makes them sick, or they feel worse when they're taking medicine to fight an infection.  Surprise--surprise.  Did it not occur to them that the die off from bacteria, viruses, parasites and any other undesirable organisms will make one feel miserable? After battling parasites and Hepatitis C for seven years, I rarely experience dieoff symptoms anymore.  Apparently, I'm making headway in my battles against unwanted invaders.  Don't anyone underestimate the ravages of the junkfood diet either.  Wastes and garbage food take their toll--especially when natural elimination is sporatic or forced.  I am a firm believer that commercial laxatives can kill but constipation also causes many diseases.  Anyone who believes our body systems work separately and do not affect all the body parts is living in a fantasy land.  Headaches rarely start in the head.  Everything we consume to excess or any part of our physical unit we expose to harm will eventually make an impact on the other areas of the body.  And yes, our errors in judgement will catch up with us as we get older.  For some of us the payment comes sooner rather than later--good genes or not.
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