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To Stories and Pictures how

Check for new/old pictures of Nate on the photo link!!

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Big Bird says, "HELLO ALANA."

The gang says, "HELLO ALANA."

Alana loves babies.  Grandma and Grandpa love babies too.  Here is Alana brand new and sleepy in the hospital!  

     Does the stork bring babies.  I think not!!  Babies come from their mommies.

  Alana loves books. She reads all about animals and all kinds of babies.

Alana loves baby chicks.
They go "cheep--cheep--cheep."

Maybe they will look like this when they grow up.  Maybe they will say "cluck--cluck--cluck" or "cockle--doodle--do."

Alana loves baby sheep.  They are called lambs.  

They go "Ba-a-a-a--

Does Alana know what a cow says?  Does it go "moo-oo--moo-oo?

 Pigs say "oink--oink--oink."

Grandma Donna and Grandpa Bruce love to see pictures of Alana.  Here is a picture of Alana and her brother when Alana visited Sedona for the very first time in May 2001.

Here is a picture of Grandma and Grandpa in Sedona in May 2001.  I think they are looking forward to seeing Nate and Alana and their mom and dad real soon.

I think Alana likes this picture of Grandma and Grandpa that was taken a long time ago when they first moved into this house in 1988.

I know Alana is pretty fond of these three guys!!

Is that the moon you and Grandpa are checking out?

Hi Guy!!