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Work & Play

Roberta and Jim were both dedicated long time teachers in the Iowa City's school system.

Gardening & Nature's Fun
The fruits and vegetables of their labors have been enjoyed by many. Yes, bad weather and poor luck have left their marks at times, but many plentiful harvests have been the rule rather than exception. What joy is experienced just to sit and admire the marvels of nature and many of God's creations! What joy is known when sharing the excitement of all those miracles!

Jim and Roberta have visited the lands of their ancestors and cherished the traditions and ideals of their Scandinavian forebears.
Jim and Roberta just recently returned from trips to Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. There have been cruises and other exciting trips, especially since their retirements. Yes, they know how to have fun!

Ross & Swanson Families Having Fun  
Roberta Ann and Scott put together a web site collection that makes us envy their family togetherness and spirit for adventure.
Just teasers here! Go to Ross Family Album