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Reunions Earlier

1974 June in Middletown, Illinois Arvid & Alma Bloomquist With Frances & Ernest Bloomquist

July 1976 at Bloomquist Iowa reunion, from left to right: Ernest Bloomquist, Jim Swanson,
Laurence Bloomquist, and Bruce Bloomquist (son of Ernest)

Family of Arnold Bloomquist at Bloomquist reunion in Iowa 1978: from left to right (to our best knowledge),
Todd, Mary, and Jeffrey, held by Keith Bloomquist; Lennie & Harold Bloomquist; Leonard & Jo Ann Grimm;
?, ?; Pam & Charles Bloomquist, Gayle Marie Bloomquist

1980 Gathering in Middletown, Illinois  Roberta Swanson and Scott Ross, Hilma Bloomquist
and Ernest Bloomquist  (Illinois Bloomquists meeting Scott for first time!)