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Earlier family photos

1912-13? Bloomquist Brothers with father, left to right (clockwise): Arnold Bloomquist (b1904),
Arvid Bloomquist (b1899), Reuben Bloomquist (b1897), Laurence Bloomquist (b1909),
Ernest Bloomquist (b 1901), and their father, Carl Eric Bloomquist (b1871), in center.
Reuben Bloomquist was Roberta Swanson's father.

1930? Reuben Bloomquist? Father of Roberta Swanson
and husband of Hilma Bloomquist

1940? Kenneth and Gary Bloomquist, sons of Arvid Bloomquist (cousins of Roberta Swanson)

1947 July Carl Eric Bloomquist trying out Karl Bloomquist's bicycle in Middletown, Illinois.
Karl reported that it was his first bicycle (he was 9) and it cost the "princely sum" of $50.
Thanks for the picture, Gary Bloomquist. Thanks for the memory, Karl. Carl Eric was
great great grandfather to Jackie and Adam Ross.

1950 Jim & Roberta Swanson

1959? Roberta, Hilma, and Jim in Grand Junction, Iowa, according to Frances Bloomquist.
She wrote that this was in Roberta and Jim's living room. It was with another
picture from the same time, supposedly 1959?