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Blood in the Red Rocks
Donna L. Bloomquist

A view out our front door early one morning

Welcome to the Blood in the Red Rocks web site.

Sedona Photos

My novel, a mystery suspense story, set in Sedona and the surrounding red rock country of Arizona, is soon to be published. I am currently planning to go the POD (print on demand) route with  If an agent or publisher reads my data here and wants to negotiate--I have an open mind! Blood in the Red Rocks is my first novel, the first in three of a series. I have begun work on Blood in Oak Creek Canyon.  Blood in the Desert will follow. Links will be provided here with information about purchase or any other pertinent data--when that time may come!


Blood in the Red Rocks is a novel about good and evil in a city where tourists, beautiful weather, and nonstop spectacular scenery are the usual topics of discussion.  Things are relatively calm, until a postman ends his rounds in a broken bloody heap in a  fall from a terrace during a monsoon storm.  When a ten-year-old "wanna be spy" finds himself  threatened by the thugs who sell illegal drugs and are looking for the missing money (their payoff), things get tense for Danny and his housesitter-chaperone, Marta.
When murders happen, a car chase in the desert occurs (involving Danny and Marta), a house blows up, and more people begin running for their lives. The evil reaches Flagstaff and the Second Mesa where Marta's friend, Olja, is personally touched by the terrors and threats that seem to mushroom.
The beauties and spiritual qualities of Sedona become important elements in strengthening Danny's emotional resolve (a motherless boy), and Marta, a recent widow of a former CIA agent.  Marta plays Sedona tour guide and mentor to Danny. The Native American influence as it surrounds all of the red rock country also teaches and shows by example that the Creator has made an area of peace and beauty in Arizona, not to be denied. Those who use crime to further their goals also underestimate the resolve, perseverance, and help that Marta, Danny, and their friends can elicit from law enforcement agencies that involve three Arizona counties as well as the federal government.


PROLOGUE AND CHAPTER TITLES  for Blood in the Red Rocks  by  Donna Bloomquist

PROLOGUE    Ashes to Ashes
CHAPTER 1    Little Spy
CHAPTER 2    He Giveth and Taketh Away
CHAPTER 3    Rope and Rescue Recovery
CHAPTER 4    Midwife Cop
CHAPTER 5    Grief and Discovery
CHAPTER 6    Remorse
CHAPTER 8    Unwelcome Visitor
CHAPTER 9    Murder and Monsoon Aftermath
CHAPTER 10  Fire and Brimstone
CHAPTER 11  The Damages
CHAPTER 12  Defense and Security
CHAPTER 13  Government Witness
CHAPTER 14  A Desert Chase
CHAPTER 15  The Chapel of the Holy Cross
CHAPTER 16  Wall Climbing
CHAPTER 17  Death on the Mesa
CHAPTER 18  Tlaquepaque Tour
CHAPTER 19  Special Gifts
CHAPTER 20  Flagstaff Watch
CHAPTER 21  Counting Coup
CHAPTER 22  Lightning in Red Rock Country
CHAPTER 23  The Kidnaping
CHAPTER 24  Merry Go Round
CHAPTER 25  Junk Yard Dogs
CHAPTER 26  A Twenty-Mule-Team or Moving Van?
CHAPTER 27  A Sore Pincushion
CHAPTER 28  Grandmotherís New Door
CHAPTER 29  Hansel and Gretel
CHAPTER 30  A Wait in the Woods
CHAPTER 31  A Journey Back
CHAPTER 32  A Story Believed
CHAPTER 33  Birthday Party
CHAPTER 34  Cathedral Rock and Miracles

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